Team Seminars and Coaching
Time Management: We lead the team through a diagnostic of their
attitudes concerning their time and priorities. Participants get concrete
tools and personalized practices to become more efficient and
productive. They learn how to maximize the return on their time
investment and leave with a personal action plan. Format is typically a
one or two day seminar followed by optional individual follow up
Communication and Leadership: Participants learn to develop
productive relationships with co-workers, clients and partners; and
practice Win-Win conflict resolution
Stress Management: We use various renewal and stress relief
strategies compatible with a full work day. Our approach combines  
recent discoveries from Neurosciences with traditional relaxation
techniques.  Participants get an understanding of their stress
mechanisms; learn concrete tools to relieve stress in situation; and
start to build a "shield" that allow them to stay centered, focused and
relaxed in the midst of pressure. They leave with a personalized anti-
stress plan. Optional Business Yoga™ includes physical practices and
breathing that can be practiced in the workplace.