Developing People and Teams
Are you struggling to maintain focus and achieve your
priorities? Is stress or time pressure impacting your team
productivity? Our offerings are personalized and flexible. We
will find the right format for you or your team, whether you
need consulting services, team training or individual
coaching. We specialize in Time management, Stress
Reduction, Communication and Leadership.

Studies show that interruptions, multitasking and lack of
focus can result in 20-30% loss of productivity in the
workplace. Our intensive training is designed to help
professionals and managers optimize their effectiveness,
reclaim their time and achieve their priorities. Participants
identify their major time behaviors; learn how to master the
unexpected; set priorities and build a concrete time plan.  

Did you know that 80% of medical consultations are linked to
stress levels? While positive stress provides a healthy
stimulation, negative stress decreases productivity, prevents
access to our full competencies and reduces employee
motivation. Our stress management approach combines
recent discoveries from Neurosciences with Integrative
Relaxation techniques compatible with a full work day.

Communication and conflict resolution are key to
performance: learn to communicate effectively; develop
productive relationships with co-workers, clients and partners
and practice Win-Win conflict resolution.

Identify your best leadership style to maximise your
Our Services

We offer

  • Team training: Onsite or offsite.

  • Coaching: We accompany an individual for a
    period of time to help him achieve one or
    several goals; develop his potential; optimize
    his  functioning; and increase his autonomy
    in front of the various challenges he faces.
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