Personal Coaching
Your personal coach is a facilitator for you to make breakthroughs, find
and express your own greatness. She works together with you, using the
best available techniques, to gently dissolve whatever gets in the way of
your success and freedom. For example, we specialize in:

  • getting rid of addiction to food or smoking
  • reclaiming your time and your life by identifying the patterns driving
    your attitudes (hurry, pleaser etc...) and organizing priorities
  • reducing stress with advanced techniques combining recent brain
    understanding and oriental relaxation practices
  • (re-)establishing harmonious communication with co-workers,
    friends and family
  • emotional healing: dissolving the layers of  patterns and the past
    stories that encumber our minds and prevent us from expressing
    who we really are.       
Call 321 406-0575 and spend 15 minutes for FREE to know if personal
coaching is for you.

Sessions are available in 30 minutes or 60 minutes format. A series of 6
to 10 sessions is generally advisable, spread every 2 or 3 weeks to get
lasting results.
And remember, “80% of success is showing up!”