Yoga Classes in Merritt Island
Classes are accessible to all levels of fitness. They are designed to:

  • stretch and tone the muscles while releasing chronic tension;
  • utilize the masculine and feminine energies to activate  the major
  • calm the mind while increasing concentration and clarity;
  • de-stress, refresh and invite inner peace.

Yoga of Energy, a Tibetan approach,  works with both polarities of the
energy, the Sun and the Moon qualities, Masculine and Feminine,  
through awareness and visualizations during postures. It emphasizes
perception of the energy body and movements of inner consciousness
during the practices. The energy body is the bridge between the material
and the subtle realms.

Where consciousness goes, energy goes", says the founder Roger Clerc

We learn the basic circuits of energy in the body. We get familiar with
moving our inner awareness along these circuits to remove blockages
and expand our energy. We train ourselves to practice the witness and
present moment awareness through concentration techniques.
It is a complete, gentle and balanced yoga which addresses the whole
being through postures, breathing and relaxation practices.
Yoga of Energy
Sun and Moon energies circuits in the body
Amrit Yoga
Amrit Yoga, developped by Yoga Amrit Desai, the founder
of the Kripalu Center, is about cultivating evenness of
mind on the mat as well as in life.  About flexibility of the
mind as much as flexibility of the body.
It is about reaching a state of "integration", or connecting
with your Source. We use a 2 step approach: willful
posture followed by surrender and relaxation. It teaches us
to be fully engaged yet relaxed into life situations.

"Amrit Yoga is a metaphor for Life". Yogi Amrit Desai
Breath and life force are inseparable; breath is the most visible sign of life. “Prana” is both breath and
energy. The art of mastering prana, or managing our breath, allows us to work on our energy body, bridge
between our physical body and our mind.

Breath practices have the power to:
  •     increase our energy on and off the mat, available to you when you need it the most;
  •     relax our body from tensions and erase stress ;
  •     calm the mind in the midst of life challenges;
  •     balance the left and right brain, as well as the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves
  •     prepare for meditation.
Pranayama (Breathing)
Meditation is a natural state of human consciousness, accessible to all. It is a state of pure being, empty of
any thought or form, where we reconnect with our true nature, universal wisdom and peace. Ordinarily, the
mind is constantly moving with thoughts, desires, memories, worries, stress etc… Meditation helps us to
release all striving, quiet the mind and contact the silent flow of consciousness and life within.

Potential benefits of meditation include: relaxation, enhanced energy, overcoming addictions and lower
blood pressure on the physical level; better concentration, emotional and mental stability, improved mood,
release of stress, sense of well being and happiness on the mental and psychological levels.

“We do not meditate to relax a little; we meditate to completely unfold our inner being”. Swami Muktananda.