Raw Living Foods
Cooking destroys most of the enzymes, and decreases availability of up to 50% of the
proteins, vitamins and minerals contained in  foods, depending on the cooking method..
The body is then forced to spend energy to manufacture its own enzymes for digestion
instead of other vital functions such as immunity and organ repair.  

Eating even a proportion of our food in its natural state can make a significant difference in
our lives.

  • On a physical and psychological level, it can help normalize your weight, increase
    energy and the healing capacities of the body, changing forever your relationship
    with food, weight loss and cravings.
  • On a spiritual level, unprocessed living foods deepen our connection to Life,
    enhancing meditation,and flexibility. They enhance the flow of vital life-force energy.

If you think raw foods are essentially a variety of mixed salads, think again… Even without
special equipment, living foods offer a great variety. From entrees to desserts, from soups
to crackers, they can provide all the nutrients needed by the body-mind. They are easy
and fun to prepare and can be customized for your own constitution and metabolism,
optimizing weight, strength and level of energy.
Increasing the proportion of raw living
foods in our diet is part of a life giving
and holistic process.

Dr Anne-Marie Derouault has been a
rawfoodist since 2000.  She was trained
at  the
Tree of Life Rejuvenation center
directed by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD.
“Food is a Love Note from God, its letters are written by the rays of the sun. It says I love you and I shall
take care of you with the offerings of my earth.”
"We eat to intensify our communion with the divine".
Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD