About the author
About the author
Anne-Marie Derouault was born and raised in Paris, France. Her love of writing started at a young age;
however life called her to other endeavors as an executive in the computer industry with a PhD in
Mathematics and a degree in Psychology. She later founded Emergence Resources LLC to offer training and
coaching internationally on leadership, communication, and stress reduction.

In addition to extensive traveling to Europe and Asia, she has a lifelong passion for mindfulness and yoga.
She is certified in Integrative Relaxation and Conscious Eating and is a registered teacher with the USA Yoga

Anne-Marie has had a daily practice of stream of consciousness journaling for many years. She writes free
verse poetry in French and in English, as well as haikus and short stories, inspired by her love of travel,
nature and human beings.

Two of her poems, Night of Love, You, and a short story, A Day On The Ocean, were published in the 2011
Scribblers of Brevard Driftwood XXX anthology. She a member of the Brevard Authors Society, Brevard
Scribblers and a friend of Cape Canaveral Pen Women.

Anne-Marie self-published a series of short Conscious Eating handbooks: Enhance your life-force with living
foods; The anti-aging raw diet; Where to get high quality plant protein for strength and well being; and Living
tastes from around the world. She also created two Relaxation CDs, Letting Go and Harmony with Food.
She currently lives on the Space Coast of Florida. You can contact her at annemarie@mailhouse.org